Lenticular Software 3DZ v7

At the centre of every lenticular software is the Interlacer. The interlacer 'splices' the set of source images to be processed 'in strips' and reassembles them in a structure corresponding to the selected lenticular lens. This structure is called interlacing. The interlacing is printed on the smooth back of the lenticular lens or glued to it transparently. In conjunction with the optical properties of the lenses (the lens field), this results in the visual effect of the lenticular image
Our software generates print data for all effects (3D, Morph, Flip / Flip, Zoom) and combinations, in all sizes and for all printing techniques.

3DZ v7 Hightlights

  • 1 to 1000 LPI
  • Print size unlimited - Source pictures
  • Source images unlimited
  • Interlacing  both vertical and horizontal
  • Justification lines
  • CMYK centring system
  • Barrier Screen
  • Automated processing by script
  • For all printing techniques

Lenticular Software

3DZ v7 Additional Features

Input formats:

RGB: bmp, jpg, tga, png  CMYK: tif

Output formats:

:RGB: bmp, jpg, tga, png CMYK: tif

3D preview on monitor:

Animated, Red / Cyan Anaglyph, Autostereoscopic Monitor

Lenticular Printing Software

3DZ v7  Included modules:

  • Interlacer
  • 2D/3D layer (creates layered 3D from 2D bitmap layers)
  • Pitch test (to measure the slides used)
  • Print (to print large, single and short runs) 

Additional modules available separately:

Price on application.

Lenticular Interlacing Software


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