Quantum Fly-Eye FX

Quantum makes the print data for Fly Eye images, on up to 15 levels, either 3D structures or 2D images can be placed. All lens types and print sizes are supported. One of the specialties is warp effects, which give rise to spatial kinetic images. 

Fly Eye Effects

3D Fly Eye images are ideal for all applications that are primarily concerned with creating a genre spatial ambience that can be perceived equally well from all viewing angles for a central visual object. This central image object seems - although always 2D - to float in the spatial ambience. 

  • Space effects or 2D picture elements can be placed on up to 15 levels.
  • Spherical and hexagonal lenses are supported. 
  • Fly-Eye-like effects can also be printed on normal lenticular films.

Typical fields of application are: shop construction, exhibition construction, general decoration in interior design up to spatial wall, floor and ceiling design. But also signs, posters, posters and business cards. 

Price on application.

Quantum Fly-Eye - FlyEye Effects Software For Lenticular Printers


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