Art Brought To Life In Stunning 3D Lenticular Holograms.

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Welcome to 3DZ.

Since 1999 we have developed and created some of the worlds best techniques and software for creating amazing 'no glasses' 3D Lenticular Holograms and integral fly-eye imagery. Now we can offer some of the fruits of our labour by offering finished pieces of these amazing 3D works of art for sale and 'tools of the trade' software that has been refined and optimised over the past 20 years. As a full service provider, we can offer complete lenticular and fly-eye technology transfer through training and education and full lifetime updates and support is provided for our software.

Get real...

Please do not confuse our 3D images with the cheap gimmicky mass produced stuff. Made by ourselves from start to finish, we only use high quality pro grade PETG and PMMA narrow angle Lenticular lenses purposely made for optimal 3D viewing and effect. Please take some time to browse through our catalogue of 3D artwork and feel free to ask us any questions, we will be glad to advise on any aspect of design, mounting or framing. It is impossible to show the depth and impact of these stunning creations. Only when you get them in your hands will you appreciate their shear awesomeness! 

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