Infinity 4D
Security Printing & Special Effects Software.

Infinity 4D lets you play with optical phenomena known as moire or interference patterns. You can create security features like 'hide & reveal' for brand protection, authentication and validation, where complex images are only visible with the corresponding lenticular / integral lens overlaid on top. The very nature of it's creation makes it extremely difficult to copy. it's effects can be truly awe-inspiring, imagine such wonders as thin oil films on water effects, metallic and foil effects without the need for hot or cold stamping foil, metallised films or metallic ink spot colours. Mind blowing swirling patterns exhibiting continuous  streams of  colour, depth and motion. The results are truly spectacular and the only limitation is your imagination.

Optical Lens Security Printing Software

You can select the colour pairs for the 4 corners of the effect image and load a texture in png format with an alpha channel as image overlay.

With a displacement map, the effects image can be encoded so that its contents can only be seen with a corresponding lenticular lens overlaid. Such images are suitable for use in product and trademark protection as well as in the validation of short-term products requiring protection (tickets, etc.). Among other things, This technology has been used to secure ballot papers and customs seals. 

The images below, left and right show Infinity 4D images printed and then overlaid by a corresponding lens the reveal or 'decode' their content.

Infinity 4D - Lenticular Security & Special Effects Printing Software

Hide & Reveal Security Printing
Lenticular Special Effects Printing

Optical Printing Effects

The image on the right (although a digital display isn't the best medium to convey the true effect) is an example of a pseudo metallic effect.

Since the metallic foil effect only arises in the viewer's perception, such images can be printed using all printing technologies and techniques without the need for spot colours, hot or cold foil or even metallised films.
 Infinity 4D is suitable for the production of high quality printed products, such as packaging materials, boxes and cartons, jewellery labels on very fine lenticular films, or also decorative wall designs on very coarse lenticular sheets.

It is also a process that lends itself well to high speed production due to it's repetitive nature and perfect alignment does not have to be achieved. Infinity 4D still requires the use of a lenticular lens to achieve the effect, but very fine pitch low cost PETG, PE and even PP can be used. With the right equipment (generally UV screen printing) it is also possible to 'print' a lens, so that 'spot' or specific areas of Infinity 4D lenticular effects are possible within a normal printed piece.

Infinity 4D designs can also be used effectively as 'fill' patterns provided their rendered resolution is not altered. Meaning you can pull them into design software and apply them just as you would a normal fill pattern.

Foil FX Metallic effects is just one possibility. Using Infinity 4D is only limited by your imagination. 

Now you can add a touch of luxury to your packaging whilst keeping costs down. Using just lenticular lens sheet and cmyk+w printing you can combine the physical 'touchy-feely' texture of the lenticular plastic with full colour animation, flip, 3D, security, moiré and metallic foil effects in one, without the need for additional processing or lamination of films or foils.

No matter what effect is produced, by its very nature Infinity 4D produces images and effects that are inherently secure and very difficult the replicate.

Infinity 4D - Foil Metallic Effects Printing Software

Lenticular Oil Effects

Infinity 4D Foil FX Metallic

It's impossible to show the true magic of Infinity 4D Foil FX Metallic on screen, so we'll gladly send you free samples on request.