Lenticular printing & creation

A full range of services for all aspects of design, layout and printing for lenticular production.

Lenticular Printing From Your Artwork

Lenticular prints made from your artwork, can be produced in any effect as a lenticular, whether it be a simple 2 image flip, multi-frame animation, morphing, full blown volumetric 3D or a combination. From any size up to 1 metre x 2 metre, we use the best quality and most appropriate lenses to get the best results possible. All jobs are made in house, using our own software and production processes, we are not a general print facility, but a specialist in Lenticular. Our prices are reasonable with rapid turn around and quality second to none! 3DZ Lentiular printing services are available to everyone.

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Lenticular flip printing

2D to 3D Conversion

3DZ can convert any normal flat 2D bitmap from a single image to a sequence of rendered bitmap frames using our proprietary depth-map software and techniques  to create a stunning 3D lenticular ready for printing.

It is also possible for us to create a 3D lenticular frame sequence from stereo pairs. What ever you may wish to turn into a 3D lenticular, please contact us, we probably have a solution.

3D Lenticular Of Airbus A380

3D Modelling

From scratch we can create a 3D rendered model of pretty much any object, subject or character. From this model, we can then render a frame sequence that is optimised for creating a stunning 3D lenticular. This is a total service solution from concept to final print or print ready origination. You can have complete confidence that from start to finish your job will be handled by industry leading professionals.

3D Lenticular Of Snow Leopard

Design & Layout

All aspects of design and layout for lenticular pre-press and printing from inkjet to offset and flexo to gravure can be done and / or advised upon by 3DZ for all types of lenticular effect from 3D, 2D/3D, flip, animation, morph, integral, fly-eye, hide & reveal hidden image.

3D Iron Maiden Lenticular

Quality Assurance

We have different test images for offset and digital printing. This allows you to measure and qualitatively determine the parallelism of the film and the print. Other test data will tell you about pre-stage issues and the limitations that may be in your system. We believe that lenticular images can be printed in good quality on all systems.

Lenticular Training and Education

Everyone can print lenticular

Basically, high-quality lenticular images can be printed in any technique. Not only in UV printing. We show you how it works! We support you in all design and technical issues. From inkjet for one-off and large format to industrial production in conventional and UV offset printing. Training conducted  in northwest Germany and Vienna, we conduct one-day training courses for agencies, designers and printers. The program content structure is discussed in advance in such a way that the workshop meets your needs in the best possible way. 

Training + Workshop

3D, flip, animation, zoom, morph (+ hybrids). These are the possible basic lenticular effects. Each of these effects has different and characteristic problems in design, data creation and printing. Here you will find practical examples of how to create designs (graphics, photography, rendering), how to optimally generate the print data (interlacings) for different printing techniques with our 3DZ Lenticular Software, which lenticular materials for which effect, for which print size and for which printing technology you have and how you print, so that the result convinces the viewer. We show you large format, individual pieces and aspects in the production of commercial print runs.

Lenticular Plus

If you are interested in lenticular techniques, we also have training for Fly-Eye and Integral photography. FlyEye / Fly's Eye / is - like no other technology - suitable for displays in shop and exhibition construction. Integral photography delivers 3D images that are very close to holograms in their effect. 

3D Photography

In our demo studio we shoot REAL 3D. We show you simple solutions that require no further hardware, but also fully automated systems for professional 3D photo studios. For school, kindergarten and event photography, we familiarise you with template solutions. How to create templates and combine them with individual photos to create an attractive wobble or 3D image. 

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