Hologram Label & Holographic Sticker Production

Hologram Label Production

The shims that are produced from the original master hologram are placed on a micro embossing machine then directly embossed into a special coating on the embossing substrate and embossed using heat and pressure or the film is coated with a UV curing lacquer and embossed or relief transferred into the lacquer and UV cured in an instant where the relief structure is replicated from the shim or cylinder in the lacquer on the film. Once the film is embossed it goes on to a label press where adhesive is applied together with a release liner (backing paper), kiss cut, then sheeted, slit into reels or die cut into single individual labels. Features such as sequential numbering are added at different stages of the production process.

Hologram Label & Sticker Types

3DZ can produce hologram labels within an area from 5mm2 up to a size of 120mm2 (although certain origination methods will have different size constraints). We can make any quantity, from a single label to many millions and can be supplied in sheets or rolls (reels).

The most common hologram label shapes are circular, square or rectangles, but almost any shape is possible.

The type of substrate we use in most instances is a special PET (polyester) film. This is typically vacuum metallised with Aluminium  which gives it the recognisable Silver foil mirror look. The clear polyester layer can also be tinted in a range of different colours, whilst still retaining it's mirror foil like qualities and holographic attributes. This is how a Gold colour holographic label is produced. Although Silver is by far and away the most common colour, we are also able to produce Gold, Red, Green and Blue as standard and other colours on request.

As standard we use a 30 micron gauge PET film, this gives good overall appearance, whilst still being easy to handle and not too thick. It conforms better to irregular shapes and integrates very well on the surface of documents and products. However we are able to produce on thicker or thinner substrates or even films of a different composition.

When producing transparent hologram labels we use a ZnS coating, giving it a high refractive index so that the hologram is still clearly visible when overlaid or laminated to a pre-printed surface without obscuring any print underneath. One common area for it's use, being secure documentation such as passports and driving licences. It can also be found on numerous bank notes.

A requirement often demanded of a hologram label or sticker, is tamper evidence. This gives clear indication of an attempt to remove or transfer the hologram label. An obvious use scenario for this feature, is product warranty so that it can be quickly and easily be determined if an attempt has been made to open or repair an item by an unauthorised third party.
The tamper evident function is used in conjunction with a permanent modified acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. When the label is applied to a suitable surface and removed, only the clear film layer will come away partially or fully leaving the hologram on the surface it was originally stuck to. What remains on the label and the surface is a fragmented predetermined pattern, 'void' or other text or a full or partial strip of the coating, aluminium, hologram and adhesive layer.

Any size up to 120mm x 120mm

Special shapes

A range of coloured & transparent films

Standard and tamper evident films